Showbox for PS3 – Step By Step Tutorial

As you already all know by now, Showbox is a cool movie streaming app which also allows you to download clips and other video files. The ShowBox app great advantage is that it is flexible and has a great user interface, so almost everyone can use it with ease. For the folks who love to watch movies and follow TV Shows on a daily basis (like me!), this is one of the best apps they can find. Besides being easy to use, it’s a wonderful app that does better than most of the paid apps out there. And yeah, that’s what I said, ShowBox is a free app!

Showbox app for PS3? Yes, it’s possible!

Showbox is available for all android and iOS devices. Besides those platforms, it is now also possible to stream Showbox on PS3 (PlayStation 3). I know that many people wanted to use this app via their gaming console, but it wasn’t so easy for them to get things going. If you are one of those folks, then read this post entirely.

showbox on ps3


Before you get started with, please do have a look over what is needed run ShowBox on PS3.

IMedia Share for Android

Mx Player

Show Box apk file

You will need all 3, please keep this in mind! There were many visitors asking me why they can’t make things work, without realizing they need Mx Player installed or even IMedia Share. I guess some folks just skim through the post or read an incomplete answer on some of the forums and fail to do things properly! So, make sure you read everything! And find the time!

Benefits of watching showbox on PS3:

If Showbox could be watched on the TV through the PS3 console, you would obviously benefit from watching everything on the big screen TV, instead of a smartphone that is only a couple of inches wide. To experience movies and shows to the fullest, big screen is a must! You will get very high resolution on your TV and you can watch movies hours on your TV as the battery won’t quit on you. Moreover, you will be able to control the app with your joystick.

The Show Box app can be streamed to Ps3 by following the steps below. By this method, one could even watch the TV shows or even the Music which is the new feature integrated in the latest updates.

Showbox for PS3 – How to Stream and Watch Free Movies?

The step through which the Show Box could be used in PS3 to streams the Show Box movies are as follows.

  1. Download and install the Show Box, MX Player and IMedia Share app from the links given above.
  2. Open the IMedia Share app and connect it to the Wi-Fi (Local Network) which has to be connected same as the PS3.
  3. Now, open Show Box and select any of the movie or TV Show which you want to watch.
  4. In the screen where it displays the Players options select others and now click on ‘Watch Now’.
  5. Then play it using MX player.
  6. Click on the option menu in MX Player options > Tools > Share. A small dialog box will display the instructions as
    “Please use your PlayStation 3 controller and go to videos >>IMedia Share >>Videos >> Now playing.
  7. Recommendation: For the best performance of the video and music playback, PlayStation 3 shall be wired with your home router.”
  8. Now, in the PS3 go to videos >>IMedia Share >>Videos >> Now playing.
  9. The user could watch it by selecting it or even select the triangle button in the PS3 controller so that it displays the various options such as Play, Play from Beginning, Copy and information.
  10. By clicking ‘Copy’, the user could copy the movie to PS3 (only if the movie has been downloaded to the device from the Show Box app).
    Show Box stream ps3.

The above method will allow the user to stream the Movies, TV Shows and even Music from Show Box to their PS3 console. This is a good option from which one can even download to their respective devices in their desired display resolution and watch it.

Video tutorial to download and install Showbox on PlayStation (PS) 3

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