Showbox for PS4 – Stream Movies for Free on PS4

If you want to install Showbox on PS4, to watch TV on PS4, or if you want to know how to Watch Free Movies on PS4; and you are constantly looking for help on various forums and QandA websites but can’t gat a straight answer, then you are finally at right page.

I have heard many technical geeks finding problems with installing Showbox on PS4 and using it as it is the only application which is not efficiently updated in many of the stores such as Play Store or iTunes. This is the main reason why you face problem in getting this app working. Hence, I am here with an article, which allow you to understand the correct installation process of Showbox on PS4. Let us first understand what Showbox is:

How to watch TV on PS4 with Showbox

There is no application to watch and Stream movies from the PS4, however you were able to watch and stream movies on PS4 with the help of SKIFTA App. But SKIFTA has put an end to their services.

Thus the new King in the market to stream movies on PS4 is no other than Showbox! Showbox is one of the best movie streaming apps available on the Internet.

About installing Showbox on PS4, we can consider the installation process alike installing Showbox on Xbox; the only difference is that you need to choose <PS4> option instead of <Xbox>.

Here are few uncomplicated steps to install Showbox on PS4. As I told earlier that the application to watch and Stream movies from the PS4 is not present, hence, you can connect your android tablet or smartphones to your PS4 in order to enjoy services.

Before we start streaming movies on Showbox, you need to download and install Showbox app for android in your Smartphone by following these effortless steps:

How to Install Showbox on PS4:

Step-1. You can download showbox app by clicking here

Step-2.  Once the app is downloaded, now you need to move this downloaded file to your phone.

Step-3. After the file is successfully moved to your phone, open this file with the help offline viewer and press <install> button.

Step-4. You will receive this warning message as shown in the picture below, and then you need to follow further steps.


Step-5. Select <Setting> buttons.

Step-6. You need to choose <unknown sources> and allow installation of apps from sources other than play store.


Step-7. No wait for process to finish successfully, and with this the installation is done!


Step-8. No you can open the Showbox app on main menu of your smartphone.


Showbox for PS4 – Easy Streaming

After installing Showbox successfully, you can now connect your phone to PS4 and use Showbox for PS4 streaming; the below is a small guide for the same.


Step-1. You need to uncheck option of <use internal player> as shown in picture below.

Step-2. Now choose the connected device to your Smartphone.

Step-3. Here you go! You can now easily watch free movies and TV shows with the help of Showbox through PS4.


You have now learned how to install the app and Showbox for PS4. After using this you will discover that this is the best app having straightforward and friendly user interface.

I have written many articles related to Showbox to help my tech nerd friends around the world by teaching them easy alternative ways to use technology.  Hence, I hope with this piece of writing as well I have made the installing of Showbox easier.

Please do not hesitate to comment below about your good (as well as bad) experiences with the installation of Showbox and using Showbox for PS4. You may also help others who are facing the same problem by comments.



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