Showbox for Kodi Fire stick – Download and installation procedure

If you are a crazy spectator of TV shows (like me!), then you have landed on the right page as I have a great tutorial for all those who have Kodi. In this piece of writing I will teach you how to install Showbox for Kodi. This article will  help you to install Showbox addon step by step. Kodi, as you know, is a software application, which allows you to play your desired content on a large screen display. Content consists of movies, TV shows and music.

Showbox addon is used only for TV shows, since you don’t have the availability to use any other type of content through this app. It is a kind of addon that lets you enjoy of TV Shows on your Home theater, via PS or through your PC. This is an extension sort of thing that permits you in improving and developing the HTPC to which it is connected. Mucky Duck developed this addon. We thank Mucky Duck on creating such a super cool addon.

For all TV show lovers, Showbox addon is a boon. But installing it might be a complex task to the new users. Hence, I’ve come up with an ultimate guide to install the Showbox addon sequentially. Lets get started with the installation steps.

How to install Showbox on Kodi?

1. Showbox addon is present in the Mucky Duck repository folder. You need to install Mucky Duck repo in your system first.

2. In order to initiate with this addon, you will have to get Mucky Duck repo file, which was installed earlier.

3. After this you can proceed with the addon installation without any difficulty. Let us have an eye on the steps.

4. Let us begin with the Kodi application. Now you have to select the tab <system>, and click on its <File Manager>.

5. Out of huge list of options, you need to select the <Add Source>.

6. Then you have to select the <None> box

7. And enter or type the link <> as it is appearing and then you can press <done> button.

8. Next step is to emphasize the box with the proper title that you want to give the name for this media source.

9. Let us suppose I enter the name as <Muckys> and then again click on <OK> button.

10. You need to go back to the <Home Screen> of Kodi.

11. Choose the button <SYSTEM> and then select for the sub options of Settings. There you will find a list of options appearing. You need to choose Add-ons choice among them.

12. Next you need to select the option <Install from zip file>.

13. In this folder you will see a file named as <Muckys> (that you named earlier).

14. So select the zip file that is named as <>

15. Eventually you can see a notification saying Add-on enabled.

16. You need to select the option <Install from the repository> now.

17. And now choose the option of <Mucky Ducks Repo> from the given list.

18. Now go and select the option <Video Add-ons>.

19. Among all the given options of listed addons click on the <Show-Box<>option.

20. Finally, you are done. So click on Install button

21. Notification of <Add-on enabled> will appear on your screen.

22. Now you have successfully installed the Show-Box Addon for Kodi system!

How to Use Show-Box Addon on Kodi?

In order to use this newly installed add-on, you need to follow this analogous path.

  1. Select the option <Videos>
  2. Then select <Add-ons>
  3. And finally the option <Show-Box>

You can now use this Show Box addon without any problems.

If you have been using this ShowBox addon already, then you are invited to share your experience and reviews with us.

If you are a new user and want to install the application but facing problems, then you can comment below, so that we can help you by fixing your problem. If you have got something interesting related to this topic then please do share with us.

I have tried my best with this step-by-step installation of Show-Box Addon on Kodi, hopefully it helped many of you to get things working properly.


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