Download Showbox Movies App for MAC Computer Without Bluestacks 2016


Showbox for mac is an online streaming app which also allows the user to download the videos they watch to one’s device for free. The app allows the user to steam movies, TV shows and even music. Showbox for mac is really great app which does things better than most of the paid app out there in the market. This app has a vast collection which is so good in filters to, which allows the user to really user this app to filter and watch their favorite genre. The best feature is that the Show Box app does not ask for any registration or login when using this app.


The user interface of the app is seamless and could be used at ease which are the key features of this app. The look and feel of this app is so legit and the tile of the movie’s cover images gives a warming feel to get hold of this app by the movie or TV show lovers big time. The TV shows followers also could have a great time following their favorite shows by adding their shows under the favorite menu available in the sidebar.

Is showbox available for mac?

Showbox for mac is a comfortable app which could be used in smartphones, tablets and in smart TVs. And with few additional software it could be made to Mac. The steps are very easy and could be be without any difficulties. In the way of using the Show Box, we would have to use an Android emulator which helps in running the Android applications in Mac. In this case, we will be using ARC Welder.

How to get showbox for MAC with arc welder?

1.Google Chrome browser has to be downloaded and installed. (Skip this step if you already have Google Chrome browser).

2. Open the Google Chrome browser and download the ARC Welder from the Chrome Web Store. Use this link to download ARC Welder

3. Select “Add to Chrome”

4. Select “Add app”. This will bring the ARC Welder app to the Chrome app tray.

5. Now open a new tab in the Google Chrome Browser and go to app.

6. The app tray will show the ARC Welder app.

7. Click on “Choose” and select the directory or create a new one for ARC Welder (the destination is the place where the installed apps and the data are stored).

8. Download the Show Box Apk to Mac from the link given below. Show Box app:

9. Select ‘Add your APK’ and then add the Show Box. Apk, in the ARC Welder.

10. Select the ‘Test’ (Note: The user can even enable full screen under Form factor) user can even change the settings as per one’s use.

11. Finally, the Show Box will run on your Mac. (If any error is shown, close and reopen the app Chrome > Apps > Show Box – the app will work)

To launch Show Box app in future, open Chrome > New tab > Apps > Show Box.

Enjoy using Show Box app in Mac.



Feel free to comment if you have got any clarifications with the setup. 🙂 



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