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Showbox for Kindle Fire

showbox for kindle

Showbox for kindle is the really cool app which allows the user to watch the latest movies, TV shows and even music which has been integrated into latest versions which give the users a combination of Netflix and Spotify into a single app. The best part of this app is that, everything at free of cost. The app has enormous collections of movies, series, and music which would be more than enough to get the users lost in amusement.

The interface is smooth clean and straight that could be used easily by any type of users which look in night theme. The app has legit tiles which make easy to choose the movie or TV show that one likes and the filter option makes it easy to filter out the movies or TV show that the user wants. Only thing is that this app is not available in the Play Store but nothing to worry the app could be download from the link given below in the article.

The app is available on all the platforms like Android, IOS and even in PC. As the Kindle OS is based on the Android OS, Showbox can be installed. Showbox app can be installed in the Kindle products such as Fire HD, HD 7, HD 6, HDX along with other Kindle phones and tablets. This article is based on how to install Showbox in Kindle products.

How to install Showbox in Kindle products?

For Kindle Fire (1st gen) and HD

  • Navigate to Settings -> Devices -> Turn on ‘Allow Installations of Applications’.

For Kindle Fire HDX, Fire HD 6 & 7, and Amazon Fire Phone

  • Navigate to Settings ->Security ->Turn on ‘Apps from Unknown Sources ‘.
  1. Open the browser and download the Showbox Apk from the link given below:


  1. Open the downloaded file once it gets completed.
  1. Now Select install and install the application.
  1. As the app is installed now the users could enjoy the app to its fullest.

Few users might face parse error issue. The error message will look like this “Parse Error there is a problem parsing the package“. That error occurs only when the .apk corrupted or OS is not compatible. This can be resolved by downloading the .Apk file again or updating the OS to the latest version. If the user is still facing the parsing issue, then the version of OS of their device doesn’t support the application.

Features of the Showbox app for kindle:

  • Simple User Interface.
  • Smooth and clean interface with an elegant grid view of items.
  • Frequent updates of movies, TV shows, and music.
  • Could make a track of the favourites in the favourites menu.
  • Showbox allows the offline mode to watch movies or TV series.
  • The videos could be downloaded to the user’s device and could be shared among friends.
  • My Library, lets the user track the list of movies, TV series and music.
  • Video quality can be chosen by the users as per one’s device resolution.
  • No registrations are needed to use this app except if the user needs subtitles for the videos.
  • Subtitles make the users understand the other language movies better.
  • Sorting could be done with ease as there is a filter option.
  • The user could switch the desired video player to watch the videos.
  • Endless collection of items which keeps the user engaged.
  • Everything is for free of cost.

The app keeps the user updated will all the latest movies and TV shows updated time to time. These wonderful features make this app a must for the people who never want to miss their favourite show. This app helps the user who wants to watch movie or TV shows or listen to music on the go.

As a Bottom line, this app can be install in almost all the major platforms out there in the market. As seen above Kindle is not an exception, the installation process is simple which could take not more than 5 minutes. If the user had downloaded the Showbox Apk from other websites is also fine because the app gets updated to the latest version, even before the user could actually use it as it demands to be updated when the user opens it for the first time. It is going to be always updated from where ever a person downloads.

Showbox brings in the world of movie and TV entertainment in the user’s hands through their device and the best thing is its free of cost. If you have any doubts or errors other than what is mentioned above, just lets us know by commenting in the commenting section below, we would try to come out with a solution as soon as possible.




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