Showbox for Apple iPhone – 2 Easy Ways to Install and Use

Showbox contains several overwhelming features in order to “stun” users with its movie streaming and television shows. And all this at no cost at all. Users can even share their shows on their timeline, if they wish to do so. Truly, it is a magic box where you will find all types of shows and movies, along with teasers and trailers.

How to download Showbox App for Apple iPhone / iPad

Showbox is one of the applications that is not efficiently updated in many of the stores such as PlayStore or iTunes. This is the reason why you cannot get Showbox app for iOS directly. So being an iPhone user, there was always a question in the back of my mind, does Showbox work on iPhone? To your surprise, the answer is yes! Certain tricks and substitutes can make getting Showbox movie app for iPhone possible.

Although there are several apps like Showbox, but this one is a really good app; so on the demand of many users, I came up with a post of installing Showbox on devices like iPhone and iPad. Therefore, I am presenting this small, easy to understand tutorial on Showbox for iPad.

As Showbox offers lot of movies at no cost, it has huge number of enthusiasts. Do you still doubt about its free service? Yes, it offers movies totally free. On Web there are several methods available but those lack behind and do not work appropriately.

This post is dedicatedly describing a 100% working procedure to install Showbox app on your iPhone and iPad. However before knowing how to install Showbox on iPhone or iPad, you might have a question in your mind; is Showbox legal? We request you to consider the legal aspects of downloading Showbox before actually downloading it.

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How to get Showbox for iPhone & iPad without Jailbreak?

If you are technology geeks then don’t, I have mentioned uncomplicated steps with pictures that will make your task easier. Being a tech geek I understand well that how difficult it is to install some complicated app; thus I have tried to simplify; you can follow the below steps and download the app instantly.

2 Methods to Download Showbox for iPad & iPhone

I discovered two easy methods to download & install Showbox on iPadI will mention both the methods in this post; you can follow any of them for installing this app. However, if you find difficulty in installation with one method then I suggest you to switch on other method.

Get Showbox Movie App for iPhone #vShare #Method-I

vShare is an amazing app to get all the black market apps in your phone. In our 1st method, we shall discuss on how to download Showbox for iPhone using vShare.

1. Before we install Showbox, you need to install vShare in order to get Showbox iOS version.

2. Once vShare is installed, you need to press “Download Unjailbroken”button as shown in the picture above.

3. Once you click on “Download Unjailbroked”, now vShare will ask you to install, simply press the button “install”.

4. This will automatically download and install the app in a minute.

Now you can spot vShare in menu of apps in your iPhone.

5. Go to vShare app and open it. If you are using vShare for first time then mobile will ask you to give certain information. At last click on “Trust” button for safe usage as shown in the picture.

6. Now you can enter in the vShare app, look for Showbox

7. Click on Showbox app, appearing like image shown below.

8. Showbox or Movie Box app file will now be downloaded easily, when you click on the app. As soon as it will complete downloading, prompting will appear. This will further ask you to install this app on your handset. Click on button “install” as shown in picture to enjoy successful downloading.

9. After successful installation of the Movie Box app, you will find the app on your mobile menu of apps.

10. You can trust this app as you have downloaded from vShare.

This is the first and most preferred method to install Showbox for iPhone, but if you find any difficulty in downloading or installation then try the second method.

So let us move into the second method to get Showbox for Apple iPhone. The second method is easier and time saving as it takes only 2 minutes to install the app. Here are the steps, read it carefully and follow:

Latest Showbox For Apple iPad #Method-II

In this method, we will directly download Showbox on iPad / iPhone and install it. So are you set to go?

  1. Firstly, open “Safari” Web Browser in your iPhone / iPad
  2. Now search for ShowBox IPA for iPhone Operating system 6 and below
  3. Then click on Movie Box app IPA for iPhone Operating system 7 & above versions.
  4. You will find a direct button to install Movie Box app on your iPad as shown in picture.

This is an alternative method for first one which is absolutely easy to follow.

Conclusion – Using Showbox for Apple iPhone & iPad

If everything goes well and you successfully install the app then you can use this best app, which is having straightforward and friendly user interface. The best feature of this app is, you can choose video quality compatible to your device as well as the WiFi you are using.

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I have been writing several posts for my tech geek friends around the world to present technology in an easy and in interesting way. I hope with the aid of this article downloading Showbox for Apple iPhone & iPad will become easier. Now you can set back and enjoy downloading of latest movies by streaming.

You can also comment below about your good (as well as bad) experiences while installing Showbox app on iPhone. By doing so, you may help others who are facing same problem.



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