Netflix for Android: Ultimate App To Watch Movies

Netflix is not a new name in the field of Online Video Content. Netflix actually started the concept of watching TV shows and movies on the Internet instead on the TV. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Netflix is currently ruling the market in terms of Online Video Content. The reach of the Netflix is increasing day by day and it is used almost all across the globe. The ever growing need of on-demand movie and TV content has played a major role in the success of Netflix. Thanks to low monthly subscription fee and excellent sharing feature, Netflix will continue to be the king of online video content.

From 15” to 5”

Netflix has come a long way in terms of features and support. There was a time when it was available only for laptops and desktops. However, things changed and seeing the increase in demand, Netflix launched its mobile app. Yes, you may not know this but, Netflix also offers a mobile app to enjoy TV shows and movies on the small screen on the go. With the free Netflix app for Android, Netflix users can watch any television show or movie on their mobile phone or tablet.

The app works perfectly fine on all smartphones and needs a strong Wi-Fi Signal to stream. You can also use your 3G/4G data depending upon your budget. Google Play Store offers a long list of apps to watch movies and Netflix is the top contender among them.

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Netflix Android App: The best app to watch movies

The app is completely free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It allows the subscribers to watch TV shows and movies on the service’s Instant Watch Library. The fact that the streaming service is not as strong as the Netflix DVD Library may disappoint few but, you are still getting the option to choose from long list of TV shows right on your mobile.

As soon as you open the app, it will ask you to login. Just enter your registered email and password and you are good to go.


Once you are registered, it will ask you to choose the account. Since, a Netflix account can be shared with the family, you don’t to worry about your wish list.

The UI of the app is pretty clean and it is easy to use. You just need to navigate to your favourite content and start streaming the content.


The content is neatly divided into categories and you can also search for your favourite content by scrolling through the categories. It also allows you to add or remove subtitle while watching any video.

Top 5 Apps for Free Movies: Excellent Alternatives for Netflix

Smartphone users are increasing day by day. People are so busy in their day to day life that it seems difficult to spare some time to watch movies and shows on your TV or your laptops. However, with growing technology and smartphones becoming, even more, smarter, one can now watch movies on the mobile phone too. Just Google app to watch movies and you will get a long list of apps for free movies to stream. While Netflix works great, there are still some people who don’t feel good to pay for watching movies. This is the reason that we have apps for free movies.

YouTube: It is almost close to impossible to not mention YouTube while talking about Online Video Content. It is completely free to use and offers a humungous number of videos to watch. There is a separate section for movies and if you are lucky, you may find the latest episode of your favorite TV Series.


Daily Motion: While it is not as much popular as YouTube but still it is a great alternative to Netflix. The good part about Daily Motion is that it uses fewer data as compared to other apps to watch movies and works fine for all types of mobile devices.


Crackle: Crackle is yet another great app for free movies and is gaining popularity day by day. It is owned by Sony and offers all the latest shows. It is completely free to use. The quality offered by Crackle is right up to the marks and if you are looking for a decent app to watch movies, Crackle might be the one.


Hulu: While the paid version, Hulu Plus gives you access to the full and regularly updated library of TV Shows, you still get tons of free content on Hulu. It was created in 2007 and is among the top right from the start. The best part about Hulu is that it uploads the latest shows and episodes just after few hours of the live stream on cable. It is available everywhere and works great on smartphones.

Hotstar: While it is still in its initial phase but, it is still worth mentioning. It started with a very limited content and now it is expanding at a great pace. It is specifically made for Indian Audience and with Hotstar premium coming up, it will soon catch up with the likes of Netflix and Hulu.



Netflix app is a great source of entertainment and is the perfect partner for those who wish to watch TV shows and movies on the go. However, it is not the only one to offer such service and you may opt for other apps as mentioned above. It’s totally your choice as which app you choose to watch movies on your Smartphone.


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