In this article let’s see in what ways moviebox can be a good alternative for showbox.


Movie Box is one of the best app with which one could watch Movies and TV shows which is of similar to Netflix except this is a free version which also allows downloading. This app also comes with music streaming options integrated which acts like Spotify with video. So from this we could brief about this app as Netflix and Spotify with video into a single app which is for free of cost. And there we have a Movie Box app, with all these amazing features.
Movie Box app could make a perfect alternative for Show box app. As both the app has the more or less the same features and gives the look alike in things like the theme, tiles and most of it. This gives the uses a warm feel who are shifting from Show box to Movie box or vice versa, it doesn’t even look like a change. That kind of perfect alternative is the Movie Box app.
Movie box is mostly an app who loves to watch movies and TV shows wherever or whenever they like. These provide a vivid quality movie, TV show and Music video which also allows the user to change the quality of the video to one’s devices. They even provide a free download to one’s device unlike many other apps out there in the market.

User interface of the app is at ease were anyone could make use of it. Talking about the user interface we shouldn’t be without mentioning about the tile which give a legit view of the cover poster. The categories available in the side menu are clear which helps the user to use without any confusion. The search filter is great which is so responsive which shows that Movie Box app has a vast collection.

moviebox android app logo icon

By using this Movie Box app, the streaming movies, videos and even music videos are made simple and the user could keep it by just clicking on the download button which lies beside the ‘Watch Now’ button. This videos could be selected to appropriate display quality and downloaded accordingly. Then the downloaded videos would be listed under the tab ‘My downloads’ which gives the view of what all the user had downloaded.

One could even check in the other features like adding the videos to favourites which then gets added under ‘Favourites’, check on the latest updates under the ‘Updates’ which gives the day to day updates about everything regarding the movies, TV shows and even Music videos.
As far as the IOS is considered the Movie Box app is the Show Box app.


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How to download moviebox app for your device?

Moviebox android apk download and installation

The app is not available in the Play Store due to some issue but one could download the app by following the steps shown below.

  • Firstly, the user must check the “installation from unknown source” option in their Android device.
    To do that follow Settings >> Security >> Tap on Unknown Source
  • Download the moviebox app from here
  • User could download any version as when the installation process is complete, as in when the user opens the app the server automatically asks the user to update the app to the latest version avail on the market.

How to install Moviebox in iOS device?

The app is not available in the App Store due to some issue but one could download the app by following the steps shown below.


So by using the steps above the user will be able to install in most of the phones and if you come across any errors in the installations steps shown above just leave a comment below, so that we will be able to help you out. Download the app and enjoy the features to its fullest.


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