Mobdro App- The best alternative for Showbox Movies app

Will Mobdro App serve as a best alternative for Showbox app?

Mobdro App complete review

Its always a better idea to have an alternative for everything. What if the alternative is as good as the original app? Show box is a great app to watch movies and TV shows online which even allows the user to download the favorite ones. Here is an alternative for the Show Box app which is called the Mobdro app.
Mobdro is a wonderful app which allows the user to stream the Movies and TV shows online, and also allows the user to download it to the device. Due to some reason, this amazing app is not available in the Play Store. But anyways it could be downloaded from the official website which would run in platforms like Android (above V4.1+), IOS and even in PC and Mac. Everything is available for free of cost, which is the best part of this app.

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Mobdro app features

Mobdro movie streaming app  does a great job of streaming the Movies and TV Shows online where the user could even stream the particular channel online. This is a great way that one could access the TV shows from anywhere regardless of time and place only thing required is the internet. The streaming quality is good and has a vast collection of Movies and TV show.

mobdro android movie app           mobdro movie streaming app          mobdro movies apk download


The above shown is the UI (User Interface) of the Mobdro app which is so smooth which anyone could use at ease. There are various categories as shown in the 3rd image from the left which comprises everything. The colorful design makes the user to love the UI as it makes it attractive and elegant.

Mobdro app not only shows the TV shows and the Movies, the app even allows the user to watch the TV online. By which the user could tune into any channel from anywhere and watch the TV Channel as they would watch from their house.

This feature Mobdro online TV is really great feature, which makes the user to feel better as they watch it online streaming so they could watch live shows which takes place at any TV channel. This could be accessed by clicking on the category ‘Channels’ from the display page.

mobdro latest version features


How to run Mobdro app in Windows/ Mac PC?

There rises a question always, will Mobdro app be used in PC or Mac? And the answer is yes.  Who doesn’t love to watch a Movie or TV show or even a TV channel in PC or Mac, which are been used more than anything nowadays compared to other utilities. This is for the person who uses Computers a lot in their daily bases. This app could be used in any PC or Mac with the help of 3rd party Emulators that could helps the Mobdro app to run in PC and Mac. There are vast number of emulators out there but BlueStacks and ARC Welder does better for this app. While in case of Windows both the Emulators could be used but were in Mac BlueStacks will not support, so the Mac users should be opting for ARC Welder that could be used along the Google Chrome Browser. These are the ways that the Mobdro app could be used in PC and Mac.

mobdro app for pc


The Mobdro app has most of the features of the Show Box app or even more, as it comes with the online streaming of the TV channel. This makes the Mobdro app a perfect alternative for the Show Box app. The latest version at the time of this article is version 2.0.3 and the size of the app is 21 MB, which is really a compact size for such an app. The Mobdro app is also comes with the Premium option which gives a lot of advantages and much more usability when streaming and downloading. But even the free version makes it worth the download, compared to subscribe for a similar app that doesn’t even allow the user to download.

The download this app from its official site and the latest version is always avail for download for free.



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