Is Showbox movie app safe to download on Android/ iPhone?

Is Show Box Safe?

-This is one of the  biggest question raised among the showbox users.

This article will answer your question “Is show box movies app safe?”. Let’s break down in different and explain.

Is Show Box app safe to download from various websites?

It is safe because from wherever the user downloads the Show Box app, the app automatically gets connected to the Show Box server and ask the user to upgrade the app to the latest version available. This gives the user the advantage to download from different websites regardless of whatever version they download, they will end up having the updated one.

Is Show Box app safe as of privacy is concern?

Let’s look over the app permissions which the Show Box app asks for.

is showbox safe app permissions privacy legalty


As the image shows, showbox app requires the following permissions…

  1. Read device state and identity- (Usually asked in most of the apps for various purposes)
  2. Approximate location (network-based) precise location (GPS and network based)- (This helps the app to provide the native based stuffs like popular among particular area)
  3. Manage internal storage contents read the contents of your USB storage- (Helps when the user downloads the file)
  4. Full network access view network connections- (This allows the app to access the internet)

These are the simple four permissions which the Show Box app asks for which shows as the privacy is concern it is safe.

Is Show Box app safe to download movies and TV series?

There have been few questions in different forum saying that they have received few warning emails regarding the downloading this app. HBO has been tracking on the files that are getting downloaded but as far as the Show Box is concern, most of the videos are hosted on VK and the video files had been randomly names. Show Box app is a hosting app and it provides the users, a safe download. For those few people who received the warning email, that might because of they have downloaded from torrent. So, yes! It is safe to download.

Is Show Box app safe for using?

The app comes in a dark grey color which give a night effect. This is better for the eye to view that gives a smooth touch to this app to use. More than the app itself this questions is to asked to one’s device and the brightness level one use that comes under the display settings of the phone, screen resolution, PPI, etc. these are more device based terminology. But the app is safe when it comes to using.


As we have explained mostly all the questions which could come under the “Is the Show Box app safe?”. The answers to all the questions are given above in much easier manner for the user to understand that the Show Box app is safe in all sort of ways. This is the app which gives all the features for free of cost. Just because it is free doesn’t mean it is not safe. Unlike most of the apps out there, this app provide the best in every aspects.


Download and enjoy this app from here


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