How to fix Show Box app update not working error?!


Show Box is a very great app which gives us a great experience of watching movies and TV series in our mobile phones and tablets. Shoe Box also allow one to download the video regardless it is a movie or a TV show or even stream it online without being downloading it. The best part of this app is that they don’t ask for any logins or registration and everything for free of cost.

Show Box has a great collection of movies and TV shows which is available in a vast quality for viewing according to one’s device compatibility. Even has a two to three servers for streaming the video and also user could switch the media player according to user’s desire. The worst past of this app is that they are not available in the Play Store as of now due to various reasons.

The Show Box gives updates frequently and they work fine. The Shoe Box updates always use to be great for the users as they always respond to the feedback of the users and rectify the bug then and there. So the updates are usually well packed and well presented. But they have been having feedback saying that customers are having few issues in the latest update and this article is all about fixing this issue.

The issue might be different for few users and may vary but the method which I am going to say can be used by all the users who are facing issues with the latest update…


1. For users who couldn’t see “Watch Now” button then they could try changing the server as you could in the image below. This could help a lot of users who are facing the issue in the latest update.


showbox app update error fix


2. If the user suddenly gets a popup saying “Unfortunately, Show Box has stopped”, which is an error happens frequently after the update. Here is the thing you could try to rectify this issue.

Go to Settings > General > Apps > Show Box > Force Stop then Clear data & Clear cache and restart or re-install Show Box

                        These steps could really help the users who are facing the issues in this wonderful Show Box app. If the error still persists then user must try uninstalling and reinstalling the software from the official website.


how to fix showbox error fixing


Try downloading the Show Box from the above given link to run showbox without any errors.

Even if the user can download older version from other resources its totally fine, because the Show Box server make sure that the app gets updated whenever the user opens it. Regardless of what version or from where the user downloads the .apk file its going to be updated by the Show Box server to the latest version anyway. So, never worry about downloading the old version from other websites.

If you have any doubts or feedback please comments below.



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