Crackle: Best App to watch Movies and TV shows for Free

From watching movies on Big Screen in Multiplexes to watching them on your small screen Smartphones, time has surely changed a lot. Watching movies and TV Shows is considered as a great form of entertainment. Just start watching a TV series and once you are done with it, you will realize that how much you loved it. Thanks to the Rat Race, it is getting difficult to actually take out some time to go out for a movie or enjoy TV show on the TV. Either we are busy in making money, or we can’t afford the luxury of watching movies and TV shows on our TV.

This is the reason; Online Video Content came into existence. Technology has been developing at a very fast pace and now you don’t need a TV or multiplex to enjoy the latest movie and TV show. Not only this, there are many ways by which you also don’t need to pay any money for the same.


Crackle is one of those apps that allows you to stream TV Shows, movies and other video content for free. Since it is completely free to use, it comes with Ads. Surely, you are not paying a penny but, be ready to see many ads and commercial while watching a movie. No doubt, the ads, and commercial can be a real fun killer but with the amount of Content Crackle is offering for free, it’s still worth it.

The one big downside of Crackle is the absence of HD content. If you have used Netflix or HBO Go, you will realize that the UI of all these apps is almost similar. The featured content is shown directly on the Home screen and for other movies and shows, you need to find out using the navigation buttons. The content on the Crackle can be arranged in both thumbnail and list view depending upon your choice.

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Since it is free to use, you will not find any latest TV show or movie, but you can easily find movies and TV shows with are four to five months older. Using the app is easy as the videos can easily be sorted by most popular, featured or recently added. The entire content is beautifully divided into different genres like Drama, Comedy, Crime, etc. Like Netflix, there is no option of search which means you can’t search for your content directly. Most of the content is in 480p, and that is the best quality you will get on Crackle.

5 Alternative of Crackle: Best apps for Free Movies

The popularity of apps to watch movies is gaining day by day. With Smartphones getting smarter and Internet getting Faster, it’s easy to watch movies on Smartphones rather than on TV. Here are some great apps to watch movies.

Netflix: Netflix is one of the most popular apps for watching Online Video Content. It is not free but the subscriptions are reasonable, and it offers great HD quality too. It can be used on Android, and if you wish, you can also use it on your laptop. The best part about Netflix is that all the latest TV shows are available on it and in HD.

Hulu: Hulu is not as old as Netflix, but it is getting popular. Founded in 2006. Currently, it is active in Japan, the US and its overseas territories. It also works on a subscription model and offers content from ABC, the CW, NBC, and Fox. Since Disney also owns 27% stakes in Hulu, you can easily find movies and TV shows created and produced by Disney.

YouTube: YouTube is a name that doesn’t need any introduction at all. It is there since the starting and is still on the top in a field on online video content. You can watch movies, TV shows, and other videos on it for free. It is available to almost all parts of the globe.

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Vudu: Vudu is also a great contender in the race of apps to watch movies. You can browse movies, rent them and can watch movies on it. It has all the new and top rated movies and TV shows. The best part about Vudu is that it allows you to stream movies and TV shows without any subscription fee.

Hotstar: It is meant specifically for Bollywood and Indian audience and is first of its kind of app in India. It started with a small number of TV shows and IPL matches but, now it allows you to watch all the latest Indian shows and even Game of Thrones.

All of the apps mentioned above are completely legal to use and works perfectly on all smartphones. You will need an active internet connection to use these apps. Let us know which one is your favorite.

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