Top 10 Apps Like Showbox {2018} to Stream HD Movies

Due to the recent updates in ShowBox iOS app in 2016, the users started looking for other apps like ShowBox. This may be because the servers of Showbox crashed and got down for weeks. In addition, users were getting several errors like “Server Errors”, “Showbox videos are not available”, “Showbox for Chromecast Unavailable”, “Showbox is not Working” or even the Showbox App Update Error. First of all, you need to know they are temporary errors. The main cause of these problems was huge traffic. However, the app is working well after fixing the bugs.

When Showbox iOS app was showing errors and bugs, several developers have started developing alternatives of Showbox to serve the users. However, some of the apps are already here but charge subscriptions to stream HD shows and movies (we have also added such apps). As a result, they introduced several apps like Showbox in the market where you can get same features like Showbox. Now, it’s up to you to choose from the list of most popular apps like ShowBox.

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Apps like Showbox for Android and iOS

1. Box TV (Free)

It is a rising streaming app that comes with all the streaming features that were available in ShowBox. BoxTV is one of the most downloaded apps like ShowBox because of its amazing features like streaming videos to TV via Chromecast, HD movie streaming and so on.

2. Netflix (Free)

This app is developed to provide TV shows and movies to both iOS and Android users. Smartphone users can easily stream TV shows, movies, videos and other media here. You can install this app and enjoy your favorite media on the go. This is another app like Showbox which is very popular.

3. Moviebox (Free)

This is yet another app like Showbox which is recommended by us. Like Showbox iOS App, this app also has very amazing features. You can get limitless collection of new and old blockbusters. You can choose movies based on ratings with subtitles. You have different qualities to choose from, i.e. Low, Medium, HD, 480p, 360p, 720p etc.

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4. Sky HD App (Free)

If you are looking for other apps like Showbox, this is it! This app is mainly developed with great collection of all the latest TV shows and HD movies with decent and user-friendly interface. So, you can ensure an endless entertainment with latest HD movies.

5. Crackle (Free)

It is known to be the best Showbox app alternative. This app comes with a huge collection of TV and movie streams with around 30 millions of users. It also allows you to create a Watchlist so you can view your favorite movies later.

6. Movies by Flixster (Free)

It is actually an online marketplace for movies where you can enter for free. You can buy, watch and rent movies. All you need to install this app and find out the top-rated movies, see Rotten Tomatoes reviews, and watch and download films in your UltraViolet collection.

7. Hulu (Starting from $7.99)

It also has a huge collection of TV shows and movies. You can create your own watch list. With Hulu, one can stream movies and TV shows for free. It also allows you to watch movies on TV through Chromecast.

8. MovieTube (Free)

It is yet another app where you can get huge database of HD videos and movies as well as TV shows. You can watch movies and shows on Mac, Windows or your Android devices. It has great performance and familiar interface.

9. Popcorn Time (Free)

This movie App is made for almost all the devices, especially Android, iOS and Linux. It allows you stream all the TV shows and movies. You can watch movies in various qualities like 360p, 480p and 720p HD. So, choose your own and start streaming. This is one my most favorite apps like showbox on this list because its just more than awesome, and I love it.

10. IMDb Movies & TV (Free)

This app is best suited to browse pictures, watch trailers, and read movie reviews. It has the largest compilation of TV shows, movies and celebrity gossips. You can get the complete info of any celebrity or movie here. It has the largest collection of movie trivia, trailers, quotes, goofs and ratings.

With this the list of apps like showbox app ends here.

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apps like showbox

Conclusion for Showbox Alternative Apps

On a serious note, Showbox app is one of our favorite movie apps but you always need some alternatives, and these apps like showbox are the best ones in the industry which you can use just like Showbox to enjoy videos and movies. Moreover, some recent issues in Showbox have disappointed some users. So, we had to look for other apps like Showbox. Finally, we started our search for apps where you can get limitless collection of movies to watch for free. We found several apps which are developed to work just like Showbox and shared some of the best rated alternatives with you. These apps are developed for the same purpose – to entertain the users without any issue. Download Showbox app or any other alternatives as mentioned in the article.

Share your thoughts about Showbox and apps like Showbox in the comments.



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